Actions initiated in Paris

Actions initiated in Paris 2019-05-28T11:21:52+00:00

Awareness raising. The action aims at raising awareness among decision-makers and municipality officers (first target group), but also business associations and society more broadly about the potential and added value of migrant entrepreneurship. The aim is to bring the voice of migrants to policy makers, develop a better communication between the two actors, explain their experiences, difficulties, challenges, etc. The action will include a regional level event bringing together relevant decision-makers and key migrant entrepreneurship stakeholders and a video portrait of migrant entrepreneurs to be widely disseminated in the region and across France.

Building migrants’ capacities. The action aims at providing migrants with training opportunities as part of the Regional school of projects. The training program is designed to support migrant (potential) entrepreneurs to develop business models and innovate in the collaborative economy.

Identification of business opportunities for minority entrepreneurs. The objective of this action is to identify at least one large corporation, analyze its needs in procurement and the kind of suppliers they work with. The action aims at introducing minority entrepreneurs to large corporations so as to start a business relationship. Usually, large corporations are reluctant to work with migrant entrepreneurs, also because of the low-quality image attached to them. The aim is to include migrant entrepreneurs in their database.

Developing supplier diversity initiatives all over France. Supplier diversity programs are not developed across the country. The aim of the action is to replicate Adive’s program to other regions in France to help minority entrepreneurs grow their businesses. In France, corporate procurement is worth 120 billion Euros, highlighting the potential for minority businesses to be better included in this area.