Actions initiated in the Basque county

Actions initiated in the Basque county 2019-05-28T11:21:57+00:00

Capacity building. The action aims at equipping the technical staff of the public entities involved in the MEGA network in Spain with tools and knowledge to offer quality services and guidance to migrant entrepreneurs. An online training module will be designed for public entities implementing mainstream entrepreneurship programmes. The action is expected to raise public entities’ awareness on the specific needs of migrant entrepreneurs. The training will focus on key needs such as on how to collect data on migrant entrepreneurs, how to tailor service models as well as legal requirements and public procurement. Intercultural competences of municipal staff are expected to be strengthened so as to better support migrants with legal permission processes and with developing their business plans.

Data collection. The action aims at promoting data collection on migrant entrepreneurs, as currently there is no segmented information on the number of migrant entrepreneurs that use entrepreneurship support services or start a business. Creating this evidence-base is the first step to raise awareness on gaps and needs and promote adequate policies. The initiative is strictly linked to the overall raising awareness strategy and brings the evidence on the positive contributions of migrants to the economy and the society.