MEGA’s Handbook on Measures to support early-stage migrant entrepreneurs

MEGA’s Handbook on Measures to support early-stage migrant entrepreneurs 2019-07-02T10:01:04+00:00

The handbook illustrates the different kind of measures that can be implemented by service providers (government, public employment services, NGOs and so on) to support migrants willing to start a business, or that have already started it. The handbook focuses in particular on measures for early-stage entrepreneurs.

The handbook is based on an inventory of measures to promote migrant entrepreneurship in the EU 28 Member States. This inventory consists of extensive literature review, desk research, analysis of comprehensive databases on migrant and migrant entrepreneurship policies and consultations of project partners and experts.

After presenting the main challenges for migrant entrepreneurs and the arguments of why policies are important to support these, the handbook illustrates: a) the typologies of support that have been provided to migrant entrepreneurs in the 28 EU Member States; b) and factors of success and failure of these policies.

The handbook shows that to set up a successful and effective measure, practitioners need to: 1) implement initiatives that cover all range of needs that migrant entrepreneurs have (from financial support to individual tailored support, from business training to training on transversal skills); 2) ensure that their staff have the needed intercultural and business competencies; 3) think in terms of replicability and sustainability over the years.