National coalition building in Spain

EVENT: Migrant Entrepreneurship as an opportunity for social and economic growth

Date of the event: 1st March 2018

Venue: City of Getxo

Expected participants: Local and regional authorities, chambers of commerce, civil society organisations, migrant entrepreneurs

The objective of the event is to gather all relevant stakeholders and reflect about the state of the art of migrant entrepreneurship in Spain. The activity will be opened with inputs from the Immigration Basque Observatory and the Competitiveness Basque Institute that will respectively showcase the opportunities migrants offer to the local economy and introduce the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2016 study on Multiculturalism and entrepreneurship in Spain. Good practices on inclusive entrepreneurship will further contribute to identify needs and gaps in the sector. The event has been designed in a dynamic format and will provide participants with an opportunity to network and share views on future challenges, services for migrant entrepreneurs, communication channels to involve hard-to-reach groups and access to finance.

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